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21st-Sep-2009 01:04 pm
Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars begins tomorrow!

Icons under HERECollapse )
20th-Sep-2009 03:40 pm - Next Update Theme

That's right! Dancing with the Stars starts September 22nd, and later tonight (when I get back from work) I will update the rest of the icons I have for Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars!
20th-Sep-2009 11:37 am - ICON UPDATE!!!
Here is a batch of icons I have worked on in my spare time in the past 2 days. I want to do some animated ones, but don't have time ATM, I'll create a bunch of bases first.

Secret Life of the American TeenagerCollapse )

Please promote this community, and PLEASE make requests or suggestions. Any movies or Tv shows you want to see icons, animations, or banners for?? Tell me. Comment here, or in the request link in the community.
18th-Sep-2009 01:06 am - First Icon in OVER a year
Here is 1 single icon. I will post again soon with plenty more icons. Here is this post's theme:

Secret Life of the American Teenager

Amy and Baby Icon
18th-Sep-2009 12:43 am
I just got photoshop and imageready set up on my computer. :D

So I will be doing a graphics update soon. VERY SOON. If anyone has any requests let me knowwwww!!
14th-Sep-2009 11:59 pm - Community Coming Back Soon!
Hey everyone! (or lack of everyone, lol)

I am going to be updating this again very shortly. My computer that had photoshop on it (what I use to make icons) died, and then I got a new laptop but my father couldn't find his copy of photoshop for me to install it on my new computer. Then my new computer died.... but its back. I am going to my fathers house in 3 days, (Thursday) and I will get the photoshop and imageready(what I use for animation icons) and will be back to updating lots and lots of graphics!! And I'm considering also eventually making my own mood icons. I want a few themes of icons/mood icons with shows/movies/etc.

So after OVER a year.... expect another update!

If you have any requests for ANYTHING.... put them in now. Be descriptive if you want, add a picture you want me to use... just let me know. And I will do it!

I'm excited, and MAYBE I'll be able to make this community popular!

<3 Brandy
15th-May-2008 08:24 pm - Tasty
Sorry I haven't been updating much guys, I've been busy with finals, but school is finally over!

Here are a few tasty treatsCollapse )
9th-May-2008 11:00 am - Another Dan Icon
Here is another icon my boyfriend made... a not so "girly" one. Expect more awesome stick figure ones in the future.

Rocket LauncherCollapse )

7th-May-2008 07:42 pm - Question
Would anyone like an icon with a name? Or with a specific quote? If you see an icon you like, and want me to customize it, I can do that for you. Or if you have an idea for an icon I can do one for you.
7th-May-2008 03:46 pm - Tatty Bear
Also requested... Here is one icon just for weebitts19- who is recently married!


More Tatty Bear under cutCollapse )
7th-May-2008 02:43 pm - Icon From Dan
My boyfriend wanted to contribute to all my icon-making today- so Here is one from him.

From DanCollapse )
7th-May-2008 01:44 pm - At the Beach
weebitts19 requested some beach pictures. So here are a few-

A Day At The BeachCollapse )
6th-May-2008 02:47 pm - Knocked Up Icons and FO Banners
I haven't received any requests yet. So I made icons and Friends Only Banners of my favorite movie.

Knocked UpCollapse )

5th-May-2008 09:25 pm - First Upload
This is the first icon I made for this community.

I Have Issues Icon Under CutCollapse )

Many more to come. Please feel free to make suggestions. So I can make things that you want.
5th-May-2008 04:24 pm - First Post
Thank you for joining my community.
This is a place for me to keep all of my icons and friends only banners that I make.
I plan on learning how to make layouts, and posting them here too.

Please give credit where credit is due, and leave me a comment saying what you are taking.
Credit <*lj comm="icon_graphics"> without the asterisk when you upload the icon.

You may request anything you want
Either comment with a request idea, or with a particular graphic you have in mind.

This community has an open membership. Anyone can join. But only select members will be able to post for now, and all posts will be moderated.

Until I decide to change the posting access, please comment here with your requests or ideas.

Thank you for helping me get this community started.
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